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3 Issues We Repair Teeth With Dental Bonding

Are you conscious of your smile? Does it make you diffident when meeting new people or socializing at gatherings? It’s obvious for you to dream of getting a flawless smile that makes you feel confident and at the top of the world. Though there are several cosmetic dentistry treatments for repairing a flawed smile, most people shy away from them as they believe that these treatments are expensive as well as time-consuming.

However, dental bonding is very cost-effective and a quicker way of repairing certain dental issues. Most dental bonding procedures are done in one appointment. Here’s a look at 3 issues that dental bonding can repair:

  • Small Chips or Fractures

The dentists make use of composite resin for dental bonding which is the same material that is used for dental fillings. This means that it can be custom-made for matching the exact shade of your teeth and complement your smile. As it bonds directly to your tooth, it helps in repairing small chips and fractures in your teeth.

  • Exposed Roots

When you are suffering from gum recession, it leaves the roots exposed which can become quite painful. Your gum tissues will never grow back so bonding is a great way to fill the open spaces and protect the exposed root from further damage. It will also help in alleviating your sensitivity.

  • Gaps and Size Discrepancies

People may not realize but dental bonding can actually help in changing the shape and appearance of your tooth. For people with small gaps or space between the teeth, bonding can often help in closing the small gaps. It can also help in lengthening or building up a tooth that is smaller than the others.

Dental Bonding in Cartersville & Hiram

Dental bonding in Cartersville offers many options for restoring a beautiful smile. The dentist will discuss your needs and goals for your smile with you to determine the best cosmetic treatment for you. You don’t need to hold back your smile, as dental bonding is at your rescue.

Dental Bonding can make your smile attractive and flawless.

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