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Oral Surgery Facts

5 Interesting Oral Surgery Facts and Myths

No one likes to hear their dentist mention the word “surgery.” The truth is, though, that oral surgery is common, and doesn’t always imply a big scary operation. Let’s debunk 5 oral surgery myths.

Myth 1: All Oral Surgeries Are Painful

FACT: With nearly all oral surgeries, administration of sedatives during the procedure is routine. This means that during the surgery, you shouldn’t feel any pain. As these wear off you may feel some discomfort, but there are many medications designed to alleviate it.

Myth 2: Surgical Anesthetics Are Not Safe

FACT: Any medication used by your physician has had to undergo extensive testing before receiving approval for public use, and extreme side effects are rare. You can be confident that your oral surgeon has received extensive training on the use of anesthetic medication. He is also required to undergo periodic skills recertification.

Myth 3: Recovery After Surgery Takes Time

FACT: If you’re afraid of being out of commision for a while after oral surgery, you may be surprised to learn that the average recovery time is fairly short: only 3 days. The recovery period can be further shortened by following doctor’s orders, avoiding smoking, taking medications as prescribed, and salt water rinses.

Myth 4: All Oral Surgeons Are the Same

FACT: Because not all dental specialists are licensed maxillofacial surgeons, it’s important to look up your practitioner’s credentials before agreeing to receive treatment. You can also look up comments and reviews from previous patients online. Better safe than sorry!

Myth 5: A General Dentist Is Just As Good As An Oral Surgeon

FACT: While general dentists are qualified to perform cleanings and simple tooth extractions, anything more complex is better left to a licensed maxillofacial surgeon, who has received years more specialized training and acquired specific certifications.

As you can see for all the reasons listed above, there is no reason to be afraid of the oral surgeon! If you are in need of oral surgery, don’t hesitate- call a local oral surgeon today!

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