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5 Myths About Gum Disease

When you hear about gum diseases, it can trigger fear in your mind but it is a common disease. The gums are sensitive to bacteria and they become inflamed when there is lack of dental care. This can cause gingivitis and periodontal disease. There are few myths regarding gum diseases which need to be busted so that people have authentic information about gum diseases and dental care.

Myth #1: if you have gum disease, you’ll have noticeable symptoms

The gum disease begins when bacteria and plaque begin to build up near the gum line causing inflammation, bleeding, and bad breath. However, it can be difficult to detect it in the early stage. The signs become apparent only when the disease reaches its advanced stage. Bleeding and swollen gums should never be ignored and treated in time.

Myth #2: brushing your teeth every day will prevent periodontal disease</2>

Brushing the teeth twice a day is the first step for preventing any decay and infection in teeth and gums but it alone won’t protect your dental health. Flossing along with regular dental visits for cleaning and examination is important when it comes to preventing the gum diseases from happening.

Myth #3: gum disease isn’t very common

Gum disease is very common. Just because you brush and floss doesn’t mean you are not vulnerable to gum diseases. The risk of gum diseases increases with age along with some factors such as medical condition, or any medicine. Thus, it is important to monitor your oral health.

Myth #4: no cavities mean healthy gums

Just because your teeth are not decayed doesn’t mean your gums are healthy. You can have healthy teeth with no cavity with gums that are inflamed, sensitive, or bleed.

Myth #5: periodontal disease only affects oral health

The gum disease not only deteriorates your dental health but also increases your chances of developing other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, colon cancer, lung infection, fertility, and kidney. Preventing gum disease is important to maintain an overall good health as it can wreck havoc in the body.

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