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Common Teeth Whitening Myths

The tooth has three parts, enamel, dentin, and pulp. Dentin, the second layer, gives our teeth color. However, due to factors like age and diseases, the dentin can get discolored. Furthermore, our diet and oral hygiene also contribute to the discoloration, creating the need for teeth whitening.

Types of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is offered in two versions; in-office and at-home. In-office or professional teeth whitening is the best if you are looking for instant results. This is not to say that you can’t use over-the-counter teeth whitening products. At A Smile 4 U, we advise you to get the professionally designed at-home whitening kits to prevent any further dental problems.

Common Myths

Teeth whitening offers near-permanent results. However, as effective as it, a few myths are surrounding this cosmetic dental procedure;

  • At-home whitening products are risk-free

As we mentioned, we advocate that you get the home-whitening kits from our dentists. These kits have been professionally designed to offer a safe treatment with minimal side effects.

Certain over-the-counter teeth whitening products either contain inadequate or excess hydrogen peroxide. These products not only cause tooth sensitivity, but can also damage your gums, and worse still your teeth won’t get the bright you desire.

  • Once the teeth are whitened, they will stay white

Teeth whitening, if done right, offers a near-permanent, not a permanent solution as you are meant to believe. Dentin color is affected with age and sooner or later your teeth will begin to discolor. Furthermore, our indulgence with coffee, tea, red wine, and cola will eventually create stains on the enamel.

Teeth whitening can give you a bright smile for two to three years, based on your hygiene practices. Afterward, you will begin to notice discoloration. That’s why we recommend you come for regular dental cleaning to maintain a beautiful smile.

  • You can use hydrogen peroxide mouthwash to whiten your teeth

We are not refuting the claim that hydrogen peroxide mouthwash whitens the teeth, it does. This acidic solution can also help relieve sore throat among other conditions. The problem with using hydrogen peroxide lies with the frequency of use. Using the peroxide will irritate your gum and cause them to discolor or become sore.

If you must use the hydrogen peroxide mouthwash, then buy one that has low hydrogen peroxide content and dilute it first before using it.

  • You can use baking soda to remove dental stains

Baking soda has been reported to help with teeth whitening. However, continued use will cause damage to your enamel. Furthermore, baking soda is believed to affect your pH and disrupts the bacterial balance in the mouth.

The more you use baking soda, the more you will strip off the minerals from your teeth. As a result, your enamel will become weaker and weaker.

  • Using lemon is beneficial

Yes, lemon water can produce some positive results. Keep in mind though, lemon is acidic, meaning it can harm your teeth. The citric acid strips off the calcium content in the teeth and erodes the enamel.

Fun Fact: calcium gives the enamel the off-white color and striping off the mineral can lead to more discoloration—the very problem you are trying to solve.

  • Activated charcoal can help too

Charcoal has been taunted as effective teeth whitening products, but the truth is it’s not. No research exists that supports that charcoal has any benefit to the teeth. Furthermore, according to the American Dental Association, charcoal has an abrasive texture which may harm the tooth and wear done the enamel.

What Should I Do?

Teeth whitening is effective, no doubt, but its effectiveness depends on the type of treatment you choose. There is only one treatment procedure that guarantees success—the in-office whitening.

Professional teeth whitening not only give you results in a short period, but it has fewer side effects. The dentist usually regulates the intensity of the treatment. Plus, they apply a protective gel on your gums thereby reducing the chances of gum irritation.

So, contact our dentist if you are looking for teeth whitening in Georgia.

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