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Debunking 7 Orthodontic Myths

When it comes to orthodontics and dentistry in general, there are tons of myths that exist across the world. These myths however can prevent patients from receiving the orthodontic treatment that they truly need. Today, AS4U Career Center is going to debunk 7 of the most common orthodontic myths.

Anyone who provides orthodontic treatment is an Orthodontist.

This myth is completely FALSE. Although dentists can often offer various orthodontic treatment options, an actual orthodontist goes through additional education ensuring they understand exactly how to straight teeth and align smiles.

Visiting an Orthodontist is expensive.

Although certain forms of orthodontics can be more expensive (such as Invisalign), the overall cost of visiting an orthodontist can actually be quite affordable. We do however recommend visiting a certified orthodontist to ensure you receive the best treatment possible.

You can straighten your teeth without follow-up appointments.

This is false and could actually cause additional problems for your teeth, smile and bite. Orthodontic treatment requires constant monitoring and adjusting to ensure the best results possible. Neglecting to make your scheduled visits could result in an extended treatment time and subpar results.

Orthodontic treatment takes years to complete.

Although this may be true for certain patients with extreme dental complications, there are various forms of orthodontic treatment that can actually improve your smile in less than a year. Most patients that end up requiring extended orthodontic treatment are in that position due to non-compliance.

Orthodontic treatment only addresses the appearance of your smile.

Although having straighter teeth can completely improve the appearance of your smile, orthodontic treatment actually addresses a range of dental problems and improve the function of your smile, your bite and even your dental hygiene.

Orthodontic treatment means having metal mouth.

Although this was true for many years, advancements in orthodontics have actually created various forms of orthodontic treatment that can be extremely discreet. Tooth-colored and even “invisible” options are available.

Orthodontic treatment is for children.

Although it is best to address dental problems with orthodontic treatment as early as possible, anyone of any age can benefit from orthodontic treatment. There are many options that are completely discreet, allowing adults to perfect their smile without anyone noticing.

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