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Dental Crowns: Royally Repair Your Smile

Thanks to cutting-edge technology and modern techniques, those of use that have unsightly tooth problems now have the answer we’ve been looking for. The average tooth can have a plethora of problems, such as cracks, breaks, decays or even just abnormal teeth can be properly fixed with a crown.

A crown works to cap or cover a problem tooth in an efficient way as it keeps tooth function and aesthetic normal in the way a natural tooth would.

With different materials and techniques used to implant crowns, it is important to be aware of your options to achieve the best results with a crown procedure. One could use a crown for one or many of the following reasons:

  • Following a root canal, the tooth that underwent restoration needs added protection.
  • An active cavity inside of your mouth is too big for a standard filling procedure.
  • Any of your visible teeth make you unsatisfied with your smile, and you would like to replace them to make it more unified.
  • In order to get a dental bridge to replace any lost tooth or multiple teeth.

It is important to note that crowns can be a simply a temporary fix or a permanent one. Depending on your budget and the functionality of the tooth being considered for a crown will determine the materials needed to complete the procedure. Crowns can be made of porcelain or ceramic, gold and metal alloys, acrylics and resins. The most common and natural looking crown is made of ceramic with a metal inner shell.

The Procedure

Getting a dental crown can be done in one to two visits depending on the capacity of your dental office and the tolls on hand. Initially, to prepare for the placement of a crown, the dentist will remove any decay that remains in the tooth and reinforce the tooth or teeth with a type of bonding material. The tooth will then be shaped to fit the mold of the crown. Whether your dentist can make the crown in-house or has a dental laboratory finish the job will determine how many visits one will make to complete the crown insertion procedure.

Post-procedural hygiene and care are essential for a crown that looks great and lasts a long time.

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