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How Are Dental Crowns Used?

Dental crowns are a common dental procedure performed at all of our A Smile 4 You locations in Georgia and Mississippi. They are mainly used to save a tooth from being extracted, restoring its appearance and function. Here are a few common ways dental crowns are used.

Repair teeth

The outermost layer of teeth is called the enamel. It is extremely strong and acts to protect teeth from chewing forces. It also provides the white appearance that makes it look attractive. When teeth become affected by decay or are broken, the enamel becomes damaged, exposing the underlying layer of dentin and making the tooth vulnerable to more serious decay or breakage. A dental crown can be used in these situations to restore the tooth’s function. It is placed onto the tooth essentially to replace the enamel layer and make the tooth whole again. Common situations that might call for a crown to repair a tooth include:

  • To resolve decay
  • To repair a fracture
  • To rebuild worn teeth

At A Smile 4 You, we provide a variety of options in terms of materials used for creating a dental crown. We take your preferences and needs into consideration along with the location of the damaged tooth when selecting and creating the crown.

Improve the appearance of teeth

Dental crowns are an effective solution for teeth that have minor flaws, such as chips, discoloration, or teeth that appear too short. They literally cover the entire tooth to create the look that you want, whether it is a whiter tooth or one with a different shape. In addition to improving its appearance, crowns also provide protection to a tooth.

Strengthen teeth after root canal treatment

During a root canal treatment, the tooth must be opened a small portion in order to provide access to the inner canal. Following the procedure, the tooth will be brittle and fragile. Placing a dental crown on it will protect it from being exposed and strengthen the tooth.

If you have a damaged tooth in need of repair, a dental crown may be what you’re looking for. Contact the location of A Smile 4 U that is most convenient for you in Georgia and Mississippi to fix your tooth.

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