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How Getting A Tooth Colored Filling Prevents Further Tooth Decay

Quality dental care is an integral part of your overall healthcare, no matter your age group. Tooth decay can’t just cause problems with your magnificent smile, but also tooth decay and gum disease can also pose your physical health to a major threat.

A decayed tooth is one that’s left untreated and could lead to a dangerous bacterial infection, and that is just one reason to regularly visit your dentist. If problems are found during your annual or semiannual dental exam, fillings may be used to fix the problem and stop the damage from spreading.

So we at A Smile 4 U, thought of addressing some of the myths and advantages of tooth fillings.

Stopping the Damage

Tooth decay is often a silent condition in pre-stages, and there may be no signs such as pain or discomfort. By the time pain is sensed, the damage may already be well aggravated, but regular dental checkups can spot the decay early and thus it can be treated.

If your regular dental checkups accounts for any tooth decay signs, your dentist will use fillings to replace the damaged tissue and fix the problem. Getting those fillings done at the earliest can mean the difference between a healthy teeth and a lost one, so it is important to put those medications in place as quickly as possible.

Strengthening the Tooth

Undiagnosed tooth decay can sacrifice the tooth’s integrity, and if the damage is too deep to be treated, removal may be the only option left. But when tooth decay is diagnosed prematurely, medications can strengthen the underlying tooth and cease further damage.

Protecting Your Smile

It is easy to have tooth decay and not even feel the signs of it, and that is why regular dental check-ups are so important. If your next dental check-up reveals a danger sign with one or more of your teeth, your dentist may recommend medications to stop the damage from becoming fatal and strengthen the tooth so it can heal completely.

Dental fillings have multiple benefits. Medications replace the hollow part of the tooth that have been lost, filling it with a strong composite that will protect the delicate pulp and prevent further loss. Fillings also strengthen the tooth, giving it required support it needs to heal as well as preventing further damage to the surrounding teeth and gums. If your dentist recommends fillings to fix your compromised teeth, it is probably the best method to address your damaged teeth.

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