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How Important Are Fluoride Treatments?

With the word “fluoride” popping up in the media, on the internet or even from our friends, do we really know what it is or how safe it can be? Continue reading to learn the truth about fluoride and if we really need treatments of it.

What is fluoride?

In short, fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is used in the oral world in order to prevent or slow tooth decay. Fluoride does this by stopping acid from eroding the surface of our teeth. When this surface, otherwise known as enamel, goes through erosion or waking, it is much easier for bacteria and sugars to infiltrate our teeth. This leads to weaker tooth enamel, gum disease and a plethora of dangers to our teeth.

Why are fluoride treatments important?

Fluoride treatments are so important because they build our enamel to the point that sugar, bacteria, and acids have a much harder time penetrating the surface of our teeth. Dentists recommend starting fluoride treats from a very young age. Most dentists’ appointments are ended with a fluoride rinse or wash. Fluoride can even be found in certain foods or water. It is no longer uncommon for country’s to infuse their water with fluoride as a service to its inhabitants to make a healthier population.

As stated earlier, it is imperative that younger people, from age 6 to 16, roughly be exposed to fluoride treatments. However, older ones can surely benefit from additional fluoride treatments as some may suffer from certain dental conditions making them more susceptible to rapid tooth decay. These candidates may include those with dry mouth disease, frequent cavities, crowns, bridges and even braces.

Keeping your mouth safe and healthy is so important for the rest of your overall health. Ensuring this with such a simple fluoride treatment should not be overlooked!

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