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How Orthodontic Treatment Can Benefit Patients of All Ages

It’s not uncommon for many people to associate orthodontic treatment with teenagers wearing metal braces. But that’s old-school thinking. Now, with the many advances made in modern dentistry, specifically modern orthodontic treatment from a dentist near you, patients of all ages can benefit from straighter teeth and a more confident smile without having to rely on unsightly – and uncomfortable — metal.

If you’re curious about the choice of orthodontics procedures that can be performed at A Smile 4 U to help improve the quality and confidence of your smile or the smile of your child, please keep reading to learn how one of our convenient office locations throughout Georgia and Mississippi can be the one-stop headquarters for your entire family.

First Things First: Why You Should Choose a Multi-Specialty Dentist for Orthodontic Treatment

No one likes to run all over town from one appointment to have a tooth extracted to make room for a more beautiful smile and next have to go to another dentist for the actual aligner or braces treatment. When you choose a multi-specialty dentist such as A Smile 4 U for your complete dental care, we can provide complete dental care ranging from general and preventive dentistry to oral surgery and orthodontics.

Patients especially appreciate this centralized oral care. First, it allows them to make back-to-back appointments for their entire family — from children’s dentistry to senior dentistry in one centralized location. It also ensures that all medical records, including important imaging files, are located in one location for quick reference when needed. You will never have to wait for information from your children’s dentist to be transferred to our office in preparation for their orthodontic treatment since we will already have it on file.

At A Smile 4 U, our mission is to make any one of our conveniently located Georgia or Mississippi dentist offices the preferred choice for your complete family dental care, including orthodontic treatment. Stop spending money and time dashing from office to office and discover the convenience of multi-specialty dentistry in one centralized location.

Looking for a Discreet Way to Improve Your Smile?

As mentioned, no one likes the idea of having a mouth full of metal when they greet the world with their smile. Fortunately, old-fashioned braces have been replaced with treatments that can keep your smile makeover as low-profile as you’d like it to be.

Two of the most discreet choices in modern orthodontic treatment are clear braces and clear dental aligners. The first option, clear braces, are considered the workhorse in a smile makeover because they’re used when a substantial amount of straightening needs to be achieved. The other option, clear dental aligners, is a popular choice for patients seeking minor or moderate straightening but also want the convenience of being able to remove the aligner for added discretion.

When you visit any one of our locations, we’ll listen to your goals and timeline concerns before we recommend a treatment method for teeth straightening. We know that some patients have a fast timeline to achieve a straighter smile while others value discretion above all else. We will never force you into making a decision that’s not right for your ultimate goals.

If you have questions about which option is best for you, we invite you to make an appointment today for a consultation and treatment plan. We have convenient Saturday appointment hours available, so you won’t have to cut time away from your busy weekday schedule.

A Beautiful Smile May Be Achieved Without Orthodontic Treatment

When you visit any one of our offices for clear braces or clear dental aligner consultation, you’ll also discover that there’s so much more to a beautiful smile than straighter teeth. You may learn that one or two crooked teeth can be corrected with an alternate procedure such as dental veneers. The upside to dental veneers is that they only require one or two appointments, depending on the material used, instead of the months of treatment required when clear braces or dental aligners are used. Your smile could also benefit from whitening treatment. That’s another reason to contact A Smile 4 U for a consultation today. Use our convenient online booking tool to get started.

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