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How to Care for Your Child After a Tooth Extraction

How to Care for Your Child After a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is nothing new for a child or an adult, but it is neccessary to know the ways to make your child feel comfortable after tooth extraction so that they feel more relaxed and it helps them heal faster.

What to Know About Numbness

Do not let your kid bite their tongue or cheek accidentally as the numbness due to anesthesia will make your child’s mouth unconscious and they will not feel a thing in there including pain. Also, make sure they have drinks instead of food until the numbness goes away. It will go away in a few hours. But if it still stays, contact your dentist.

Make Bleeding Better

When your child leaves the clinic, the doctor will put a damp piece of gauze in the mouth. Make sure that this piece of gauze stays in your child’s mouth for at least 45 minutes. This will stop all the potential bleeding. If the bleeding after 30 minutes, call your doctor to inform them.

All About the Blood Clot

Ask your child to avoid any activities around the extracted area as it will dislodge the clot. Also, drinking with a straw, rinsing your mouth rigorously will keep it from forming.

Soothe Any Swelling and Pain

Apply cold compresses on your child’s mouth if they face any discomfort due to the tooth extraction. If there is swelling and pain, it will go away in about 20 mins. If that does not seem to work, call your doctor immediately.

The Diet Demand

As mentioned earlier, do not let your kid drink with a straw. Also, make your child eat soft and healthy food and keep their diet drink heavy for at least 24 hours of the extraction. Over the next few days, let your child get comfortable with the extraction site. After that, he will be able to chew normally and comfortably.

Careful Cleaning Required

After 24 hours of the treatment, your child can continue brushing. But make sure that you supervise them and they gently brush the teeth and softly rinse it.

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