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Ice Cravings: A Sign of Something More?

Have you ever wondered why so many people enjoy chomping on ice after they’ve finished their drink? We all know that it can’t be healthy for our pearly whites yet so many still do it, so what exactly is it that draws people to chewing on ice? You may be surprised to know that it isn’t just due to the cool crunch.

What Causes Ice Cravings?

Craving ice is actually quite common among people, especially when it comes to pregnant women, but are these cravings just due to enjoyment? Unfortunately not: “pagophagia” or the compulsive consumption of ice, has actually been linked to anemia (lack of iron in the blood). Left untreated, anemia can actually result in serious health complications.

Think you may suffer from anemia? No need to worry, once diagnosed by a doctor, it is very easily managed by taking daily iron supplements. If your ice craving has resulted in dental damage, our dentists would also be happy to help restore your smile.

Ice Cravings Are Not Cool for Your Teeth

Although many people enjoy chewing on ice, it is absolutely horrible for your oral health. As ice is an extremely hard substance, chewing on it can result in serious dental damage. Enamel can become worn, and ultimately teeth can be chipped, cracked or even fractured. Once damaged enamel does not regenerate, it will require professional dental treatments to restore the appearance, function, and health of your smile.

At A Smile 4 U, we care about not only the health of your smile, but also the health of your whole body. If you or a loved one has frequent ice cravings, feel free to schedule an appointment at one of our Georgia or Mississippi locations. We’d be happy to evaluate your teeth to determine whether your cravings have caused any damage.

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