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Is a Crown Right for You?

For any variety of reasons, your dentist may recommend that he or she places a crown on one of your teeth to fix or further protect a toot that may have been damaged at some point. However, knowing that there are so many cosmetic and restorative dentistry options on the market nowadays, how do you know what the right choice is for you? In the following article, we will be discussing just that.

Protecting the Root of Your Teeth

It is important to note that a dental crown is designed to restore the structure of your tooth while simultaneously protecting the root of your teeth, found inside the enamel. The crown itself fits over your tooth and is customized to do that and match the shade of your surrounding teeth. This keeps everything togged, protecting your tooth from bacteria and infections.

Appealing Aesthetics

As stated before, your dental crown is made unique for your mouth, meaning it not only fits ad resembles your natural teeth, but it is also color matched to be virtually unnoticed. Crowns today are made with all-ceramic porcelain, proving a natural-look for your teeth that just simply wasn’t available with past technologies.

Restored Function

If you had suffered from a broken tooth, large or broken fillings, or even sensitivity when you drink or chew, dental crowns offer a level of protection that is unparalleled to other forms of cosmetic dentistry

It cannot be said enough that any decisions made in terms of restoring or cosmetically enhancing your smile should always be thoroughly talked about and done through your dental professional. If you still have questions about dental crowns, or if you’re in the market for dental crowns but are looking for a reputable and capable dental professional to do so, be sure to give A Smile 4 U a call at any office closest to you!

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