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New Year, New Smile – 5 Dental Resolutions for the New Year

This year you might want to adapt some healthy habits which help you in becoming successful in your life as well as provide you with better health. So it is time to make a resolution of maintaining a good oral condition. The process is actually simple, which helps you in working on your resolution and develop new oral habits. Dental clinics like AS4U suggest few healthy teeth habits which will help you in getting a new and much brighter smile this year-

Brush: This is one of those habits which you are already following. But what matters the most is doing it in the right way. Most of the people don’t know how to brush even though they are repeating this morning routine since their childhood. Keep the following points in your mind while brushing your teeth now onwards:

  • Make sure that your brush is at a 45-degree angle (approximately) with your teeth and you are circulating it in a circular, clockwise motion

  • Clean the teeth from inside and go back and forth on the side you chew from, to properly clean your teeth overall

Floss: Another importing aspect of cleaning your teeth is the space between them. Flossing can help you in this case. Floss helps in cleaning off the food particles which get stuck on your teeth and cannot be seen with the naked eye. It also helps in protecting your teeth from decaying.

Rinse Nothing works as good as washing your mouth with the help of mouthwash, every time you have a meal. It helps in providing you with clean teeth along with mint-fresh feeling after every use. It also has several benefits such as:

  • It helps in removing the particles which are missed out even after brushing and flossing

  • It also protects your teeth from harmful bacteria, tooth decay and so on

“Chew” wisely! Chewing is also the most important factor for our teeth. What you chew matters a lot. If you chew hard objects, then it would weaken your teeth. Even while consuming drinks, avoid carbonated drinks and in the food items, avoid sweet eatables as much as possible, because it can also create problems like tooth decay and so on.

Set up an appointment! The last thing that you should keep in your mind is to have a regular check-up done by AS4U or a dentist near you. This helps you to identify and protect your teeth from decaying and other oral problems. The dentist makes sure that your teeth are in a healthy condition and work for a long period of time.

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