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Reasons to Choose a Dental Bridge

One of the most essential restorative dental services we offer are fixed bridges. For anyone who is missing one or more teeth, a dental bridge is an ideal option to restore not only the appearance of your smile, but also the functionality of the teeth for everyday tasks.

The majority of dental bridges are made of three components: the artificial tooth (or teeth) and two dental crowns that are attached to the adjacent healthy teeth. Thanks to the amazing advances in the dental field over the past few years, we are able to make durable bridges that blend with the other natural teeth in your mouth in a nearly seamless fashion. When bridges are properly taken care of, they can last for ten years or even more.

Why Dental Bridges?

When missing a tooth or teeth in the mouth, there is a large amount of discomfort and inconvenience that the person has to go through. Here are 4 of the most common reasons to chose a dental bridge for your dental restoration:

  • Restore the Appearance of Your Smile – When someone is missing a tooth or teeth, they tend to smile a lot less due to not feeling confident. We end up spending so much energy ensuring we don’t smile or show our missing tooth. A dental bridge can help get you smiling again!
  • Restore Function – Missing teeth puts a strain on your remaining tooth to take on more chewing force, or it can force you to adopt a new diet since some foods may be uncomfortable to chew. Bridges help restore the necessary functionality of the missing teeth.
  • Maintain the Shape of Your Face – Every single missing tooth alters the shape of your face, which can lead to a sunken or uneven appearance. Replacing the missing teeth restores the face shape.
  • Prevent Remaining Teeth from Drifting – Missing teeth can allow the other teeth to shift and start to look crooked. A replacement like a bridge can prevent this.
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