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The Benefits of Choosing Laser Therapy for Periodontal Disease

The Benefits of Choosing Laser Therapy for Periodontal Disease

Advanced stages of gum disease are known as periodontal disease and are caused by polymicrobial bacteria. The bacteria can multiply rapidly and travel along the tooth root surfaces to produce a hard substance known as calculus or tartar. It causes the gums to become puffy because of the presence of bacteria to culminate in tooth loss eventually, bone loss, as well as heart disease if it is left untreated. Dentists offering laser therapy are providing a better alternative for treating periodontal disease as compared to traditional therapies.

Traditional Treatment for Gum Disease

Dentists have been providing traditional therapy for gum disease in the dental office and using methods like deep cleaning, which require removal of the tartar by scraping along the gum line with sharp instruments and ultrasonic scalars. The deep cleaning also removes any toxic bacteria and biofilm from the surfaces of the tooth root. The traditional treatment has been used for quite some time, and despite being effective can cause bleeding, swelling, and pain.

Why Do People Develop Periodontal Disease?

Lack of oral hygiene is the primary reason why most people develop periodontal disease. People neglect basic oral hygiene practices advised to them by the dentist and, most importantly, avoid visiting the dentist twice yearly for exams and cleanings. They allow the plaque to accumulate on their teeth to develop into tartar and even overlook pain and bleeding in the gums, which is the first indication of periodontal disease in the form of gingivitis. The periodontal disease only develops after gingivitis is allowed to aggravate needing people to visit the dentist frequently to obtain treatments to deal with this condition.

Why Are Dentists Choosing Laser Therapy for Gum Disease?

Many clinicians are presently providing laser treatment for periodontal therapy, as they prefer it as a non-surgical option for the management of periodontal conditions. The American Dental Association has confirmed the preference among dentists for lasers that use beams of light to eliminate harmful bacteria from the mouth.

Laser technology has demonstrated positive effects for eradicating bacteria while also helping in the removal of tartar, assisting in tissue re-attachment as well as biostimulation for better healing.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Treatment for Gum Disease?

Lasers are presently considered as the cutting-edge treatment method for periodontal disease. There are many benefits of laser treatments, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Success with gum disease treatment.
  • Reduction in anxiousness among patients.
  • The fear of noise from the drill eliminated.
  • The noise of ultrasonic instruments eliminated as well.
  • Reduced bleeding.
  • Periodontal pockets sealed.
  • Gum trauma reduced.
  • Reduction and elimination of tooth loss.
  • Minimized swelling during and after the treatment.
  • Faster healing time.

Different types of lasers have been introduced by manufacturers in the form of Waterlase and Solea, both of which are being used for treating soft tissue conditions such as gum disease. Patients undergoing the treatment have reported little or no pain or anxiety during and after the treatment. The reduced time needed for periodontal therapy has also made patients happier because they need to spend less time on the dentist’s chair.

The ADA is optimistic about the advent of laser technology in the field of dentistry. Insurance providers are also covering laser treatments that are needed by most patients. As days pass by and technology advances further, it is certain that the use of laser treatment for gum disease will become even more prominent because it allows dentists to work faster and manage their workflow efficiently and effectively. Lasers are proving beneficial in the field of dentistry, just as they have done in other medical procedures. Under the circumstances, people with gum disease can look for a dentist offering them laser treatment as periodontal therapy because it is a faster procedure that is painless, is effective, and can eradicate any bacteria in the patient’s mouth to reduce the possibilities of tooth loss.

Is Laser Treatment for Gum Disease Available from Every Dentist?

Not every dentist in the country provides laser treatment for gum disease, and most are still depending on the time tested deep cleaning methods when patients approach them with periodontal disease. The ones that do are spread in different locations but are easily accessible. Researching about dentists that offer laser therapy is suggested because more dentists are increasingly adopting this procedure to offer to their patients as a better alternative to the traditional methods they had been using all this while.

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