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The Difference Dentures Can Make in Your Life

Tooth loss whether partial or complete can be difficult. It not only impacts your dental health but also affects your sense of well being and confidence when you talk to others. After tooth loss, people may have to eat food that is bland or boiled which requires no or minimal chewing.

However, missing tooth can be replaced by dentures. They are not invasive and quick which is what makes them popular and a life changing solution for people with no or less teeth.

Ideal for Multiple or Complete Tooth Loss

Dentures are perfect for both multiple or complete tooth loss. The complete or full dentures are supported by gums for restoring full arches of teeth. On the other hand, partial dentures are used for replacing the multiple missing teeth to provide support and stability. The partial dentures have clasps which fit around the existing teeth. Partial dentures are light weight so that you don’t feel heavy or uncomfortable.

Not Your Grandmother’s Dentures

The dentures are no more a grandmother’s thing. They have evolved and today you can find sophisticated dentures in a variety of size, shape and colors. They have a life-like look and appear natural.

Facing Tooth Extraction? Don’t Worry, You Won’t be Left without a Smile

You won’t be left without a tooth after getting your tooth extracted. An immediate denture that is made before extraction will be placed in your mouth in place of missing teeth. Once the gums heal and permanent dentures are ready, the immediate denture will be replaced.

Custom-Made to be Flattering, Well Fitting and Comfortable to Wear

It goes without saying that custom- made dentures will fit aptly to your mouth as they are designed with great precision and they look natural. A proper denture also offers required support to your facial muscles.

Allow Plenty of Time to Adapt to Wearing Dentures

You may need time to get used to wearing the dentures as it can feel strange for some time. But you will need to wear it in order to get accustomed. Not wearing the dentures is not a solution.

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