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Top 3 Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

If you are currently and actively looking for dental solutions to your yellow teeth, one of the best and most effective ways to achieve the Hollywood smile you’ve always wanted is by getting your teeth whitened professionally in-office. The idea of teeth whitening and teeth bleaching is constantly gaining popularity, and with that, so are marketing ploys by companies that want to capitalize on this desire. As a dental professional we can clearly and most accurately say that you are best treated by us in our office, so let’s take a look at the top three benefits of professional teeth whitening treatment.

Effective Treatment

Over-the-counter treatments are often not effective. These could include gels, strips, rinses, and trays. These type of teeth whitening products can lighten the dullness of your teeth, but often times failed to produce long-term and healthy results. Professional teeth whitening treatment from your dentist is done effectively and with your needs in mind.

Dark Stains and White Spot Removal

Because of certain regulations, over the counter teeth whitening products cannot be chemically strong enough to remove dark stains or white spots from teeth. Professional teeth whitening treatments can include a slightly stronger concentration of whitening gels and bleaching agents that can effectively remove dark stains and even white spots.

Personalized Service

Over every other benefit, the best one is the fact that in-office, you can receive personalized treatment. Personalized treatment is so important as not all teeth are the same. If you have sensitive teeth, or if you would like more dramatic results faster, we as dental professionals can manipulate the whitening gels and bleaching agents in order to achieve the smile that you want in the smile that we feel you need.

At A Smile 4 U we would love the chance to treat you and give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Feel free to give one of our offices a call to get the teeth you want, today!

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