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Top Myths About Porcelain Veneer

Top Myths About Porcelain Veneers

Many individuals try a variety of different procedure or at-home methods to try and achieve a smile that will boost their confidence. Our team at AS4U offers several different cosmetic procedure and treatments to help patients get to this point. Porcelain veneers near you help to fix a wide range of issues that affect individuals. Many of these issues can be fixed with the help of just one procedure. However, there are still many myths surrounding porcelain veneers that often discourage people to not get them for their smile. Continue reading to learn some of the top misconceptions about porcelain veneers near you and see why they can be beneficial to patients.

Myth #1:Veneers Aren’t For Me

Dental veneers can be used to fix broken teeth or repair misshapen teeth that affect the function of a smile; they are not solely for appearance purposes.

Myth #2: People Can Tell There Fake

Our team uses veneers made out of high-quality porcelain material which reflects light the same way a natural tooth would. They are custom made to fit an individual’s tooth in our lab and are sized properly for a comfortable fit that will last. We encourage you to read our reviews to see how past patients enjoyed their veneers.

Myth #3: The Procedure Will Hurt

We provide patients with a local anesthetic prior to any uncomfortable or painful procedures. This allows you to feel completely relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. Talk to our dentist if you are interested in additional help to combat any anxiety about the treatment.

Myth #4: They Will Break or Chip Easily

The porcelain we use is strong and durable. It is created to last and work to help teeth bite down with hard pressure. They are also stain and chip resistant. If you take good care of your veneers, then they can last up to 15 years. We encourage regular visits to our office for dental cleanings and exams to help keep your veneers in the best shape possible.

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