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Use and Care Instructions for Carriere Motion Appliance

Utilizing the latest in advanced orthodontic technology, the Motion Appliance ensures a fast, effective, and aesthetic first phase treatment to help you achieve a winning smile. When you kickstart your orthodontic care with the Motion Appliance, your overall treatment time is reduced, which means less time in braces.

Recommended use and care instructions for your Carriere Motion Appliance

  • It’s recommended that you wear the elastics and retainer between 20-22 hours a day. Studies have shown that wearing them less than 20 hours a day will not achieve the desired result and may postpone the use of braces or Invisalign.
  • Do not wear the elastics without your retainer since this can lead to adverse effects to the alignment of your lower teeth.
  • Your elastics should be replaced 2-3 times per day or at a minimum of after every meal.
  • All hard or sticky foods should be avoided to prevent the appliance from breaking.
  • The appliance will need to be worn until your doctor achieves the desired bite. Without the desired bite, braces or Invisalign can not be used.

Proper Maintenance of Retainers and Appliance

  • You should clean your retainer using a gentle toothbrush and dish soap with warm water.
  • Retainers should be stored in the compact case provided by your doctor.
  • Remember to rinse your mouth after eating to avoid trapping sugars which can lead to bacteria.

What You Can Expect from Your Retainer and Appliance

As the elastics are worn, your upper teeth may be sore for the first few days. Note, however, that this condition will only improve if you wear the elastics consistently. Also, your upper teeth anchoring the elastic will start to feel loose and small spaces will open between your upper front teeth. These changes are desired and serve to lay the foundation for an excellent final result.

Normal Treatment Time to Jumpstart Your Smile

Normal treatment time to jumpstart your smile is between 3-5 months. When the desired movement of your teeth is reached, your orthodontist will remove the appliance and will place your braces or aligner to move you one step closer to a perfect smile!

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