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What Is Denture Reline & Is It For Me

What Is Denture Reline & Is It For Me?

As we age, the shape of our mouth changes. Unfortunately, this usually causes dentures that once fit to no longer match the contours of your mouth. In order to keep your dentures fit snuggly to your mouth, you can get a denture reline.


A denture reline is the reshaping of dentures to fit securely and comfortably to the roof of your mouth. This is needed because over time the alignment of the jaw or the condition of your gums and bones can change. Usually, a pair of dentures can go five years before needing to be relined.


A soft reline is often preferred due to its maximal comfort. Many who have sensitive gums find a soft reline to be highly preferable. The procedure is quick and affordable. A liquid polymer is deposited into the dentures, cushioning the contact between your dentures and mouth. It is possible, however, that a soft relining treatment will need to be followed up repeatedly in order to ensure the dentures have been properly fine-tuned.


A hard reline is done similarly to a soft reline. The difference is that the polymer hardens into a similar material as the dentures themselves. Sometimes, the dentures must be sent out to an external lab for additional work. This can cause a hard reline procedure to take longer than the soft reline. However inconvenient in the beginning, this allows for a much longer lasting denture than a soft reline procedure. A hard reline will likely last years longer than a soft reline.


When a person’s mouth begins to change shape, it becomes obvious new dentures are needed. Misfit dentures can cause discomfort in the mouth or may start to fall out. If any discomfort occurs, or dentures have become loose or have even fallen out, it is time for a denture reline. Additionally, should dentures crack, it may be possible to fix with a simple reline procedure. A soft or hard reline is typically a superior and more affordable alternative to getting entirely new dentures.

If you are interested in a denture reline and would like to find out if one would be right for you, book an appointment online or call us at 770-407-8700.

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