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Why Does My Child Need a Pediatric Dentist?

It’s possible that you have asked yourself this very question. Maybe you already love your dentist that many other friends or adult family members use and are happy with. However, there are added benefits to having a specialized pediatric dentist.

Extensive Experience

One of the biggest edges that a pediatric dentist has over other dentists when treating children is their plethora of experience treating children. While fundamentally the procedures are very similar between adults and children, children’s teeth are different, and the way that a dentist must act around children is different as well. It’s like a school teacher or a babysitter; you can see how extensive experience with children could help them in their profession.

Three Years of Specialty Training

As a specialist, a pediatric dentist has undergone extensive specialty training for treating children. This specialty training typically amounts to two or three years on top of your standard dental school. Beyond knowing how to treat your children’s dental ailments, your pediatric dentist will know how to educate your children on proper oral care effectively.

Positive Experiences and a Caring Team

Your pediatric dental office is full of a caring and friendly team of dental professionals who specialize in helping children with their dental issues. They ease children into the dental world in a way that can help to prevent dental anxiety. They understand that children typically do not like going to the dentist, so they do their best to make the experience easy and fun.

Each pediatric dentist understands that your children have a unique dental need from adults and are highly trained to care for this need. They are surrounded by a team of professionals that share their same passion. A pediatric dental office is truly the best place for your young child to start their lifetime of proper oral hygiene.

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