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Why Mouthguards are Essential

Whether you grind your teeth at night or are involved in contact sports, mouthguards can prove to be an essential part of your daily routine. Parents with children that are involved in organized sports felt that youth should be required to wear mouthguards in order to play. In the following article, we hope to educate parents and coaches to form the habit of wearing a mouthguard in order to protect their health and to keep their beautiful smiles beautiful.

Pain in the Mouth

Mouth guards can be one of the most inexpensive pieces of protective gear that young athletes have access to. When comparing the cost of restoring a missing or broken tooth to the price of a mouthguard, there is almost no comparison to be made. Parents and patients may not realize that restorations can increase medical costs, but stopping the break or the damage to be done in the first place by use of a mouthguard, can greatly save someone pain and financial hurt.

Which Sports Should Require Mouthguards?

Based on research conducted not long ago, most parents felt comfortable with their children wearing mouthguards if playing football and hockey. These kinds of sports have long been associated with injury. However, sports like baseball and basketball are the true leaders in dental injuries. A lack of knowledge about mouth injuries, how they occur, and when they occur could affect how organization’s approach mouthguard use.

No More Excuses

It is important for parents and children alike to be on the same page when it comes to mouthguards. Mouthguard use not only during games, but also during practices and workouts can have a great impact on young athlete’s futures, and the longevity associated with their games. If you have questions concerning mouthguards, and whether or not your child should wear one, feel free to give one of our offices a call and we at A Smile 4 U would be more than happy to schedule an appointment.

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