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Winter Tooth Tips

Winter, as we can say it to be, is one of the most awaited seasons because it gives us the chance to play with snow, enjoy different activities and eat lots of food items. In between all this fun what we usually forget is the damage our teeth could go through, leading us to miss it all. In winter, we also need to increase the number of activities that protect our teeth from damages, as dentists at AS4U say. Following you will find some of the tips to follow for the welfare of your teeth this winter-

Tackle tooth sensitivity: One of the most common and dominant problems in winter is the sensitivity issue. Sensitivity can take place because of the cold air. It invites many problems like affecting the gums, erosion of enamel and so on. Following are the ways that will help you deal with this problem:

  • You can use special toothpaste focusing on the sensitivity issue
  • One thing which you need to keep in mind is to consciously breath through your nose and not your mouth

Stay hydrated: Another problem that people face is that of dehydration. During winters, our body’s urge to consume the required amount of water freezes as well. We often don’t realize this and skip drinking water for hours. This dries our mouth and again creates problems like gum diseases, bad breath, and tooth decay. Drinking water maintains the moisture in our gums. This also makes sure that you have the adequate amount of saliva in your mouth at all times. Following are the ways that drinking water helps you with:

  • It helps to protect the debris from bacteria
  • It helps in repairing enamel
  • You should drink water from time to time because it helps in neutralizing decay-causing acid

Safeguard your teeth on the slopes: One of the most important parts of winter is playing with snow which includes different activities such as ice fishing, sledding, skating and so on. You should enjoy these activities but make sure that you are using mouth guard all the time because of the following reasons

  • Your teeth can get chipped, cracked or knocked out because of an accident while playing these winter sports
  • This can also damage the tissues

Teeth are very important and taking care of them is our responsibility. If you don’t justify this responsibility then you end up with problems like loss of teeth. This is the worst condition you are putting yourself into. One of the best ways is to schedule check-ups with dentists from A Smile 4 U or other dentists near you. They guide you with the proper winter oral health care.

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