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Your Kids Need Their Own Dentist, Too!

The prospect of going to the dentist isn’t exciting for adults- so how can we expect our children to feel any different? What can we do to make the experience more pleasant for them, short of bribing them into good behavior with completely counterproductive sweet treats? Something that can ease the process is seeking out a pediatric dentist, one who specializes in the treatment of children as young as age one. The fun decorations, tv’s in treatment rooms, and games in the waiting room set kids at ease and make mom’s life so much easier.

Why Take My Baby To the Dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children start seeing a dentist by age one so their teeth can be monitored and maintained as they come in. A pediatric dentist is in the perfect position to do so, as they have received training to care for the specialized needs of young children, pre-teens, and teenagers.

Why Bother Taking Care of Baby Teeth If They Aren’t Permanent?

Though primary or “baby” teeth aren’t permanent, they are important for chewing and speech. If not properly cared for an infection can develop in the mouth that may spread to the bloodstream. Primary teeth also serve as space holders for permanent teeth that will come in as the child grows.

What About Brushing?

It’s important to get kids started off on a good brushing routine as soon as possible. Make brushing fun starting when your child’s first tooth erupts! Colored toothbrushes, flavored toothpaste, and playing music or a TV show while brushing can help a child look forward to brushing time.

What Are Sealants And Does My Child Need Them?

Sealants are a material that dentists apply over the tops and sides of teeth to seal out bacteria and food particles from lodging in the deep grooves. Studies show they are 70% effective in preventing cavities in permanent teeth. It’s recommended children have them placed as soon as their first adult teeth appear, at about six years of age.

Do yourself and your children a favor and book them an appointment with a pediatric dentist. Their teeth will thank you.

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