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Are You Self-Conscious Because You Have Multiple Missing Teeth? – partial dentures

The dentures are also known as ‘false teeth’ and are replacement teeth that sit on the top of the gums and fill in the gaps whenever natural teeth are missing. These dental appliances can replace one, multiple, or all of your teeth. There are typically three different types of these dental appliances- Flippers, Partial, and complete dentures. They can be made of hard acrylic, cast metal- acrylic combinations, or flexible acrylics.

Flipper Partial Dentures

They replace one to three teeth only meant for temporary esthetic measure. Most often, you will see people missing one front tooth and flipper partial denture is used. Many hockey players use flippers for replacing teeth, till the time a definitive solution like dental implants are used at the end of their career.

Partial Dentures

They use clasps for connecting and supporting teeth and can be used more feasibly for eating and esthetic purposes. These partial dentures can be made of cast metal- acrylic combinations or flexible acrylic. The cast-metal is known for being durable while the flexible acrylic is durable as well as more comfortable and natural looking in appearance.

Complete or Full Dentures

They replace all the upper and lower teeth and use the suction from your saliva and gums for staying in place. The stability mostly depends on how much bone is remaining. Little bone can mean little stability while a wide arch with lots of bone can help with a stable denture. Sometimes an adhesive may be needed for stability and suction, which is more common for lower dentures.

Immediate Complete Dentures

They are used when a dental appliance is used for replacing teeth at the time of extraction. An immediate denture needs a soft reline one month after the extraction and a hard reline after 6 months. It may also need replacement after one year. These relines are required by the remodeling of the bone surrounding the tooth sockets over time. The dental appliance needs relining every 5 to 10 years, but it depends on the rate of the continuous bone loss and need for remodeling.

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